What Is It?

Logo design is normally the second step in the process of branding as a company is being formed after a name is chosen. Choosing Internet Mobile Solutions to professionally and scientifically design a logo for you could be the best investment in your marketing plan as your logo truly is the first impression a consumer has to judge whether to do business with you or a competitor.

Your logo is the foundation of your marketing presence, mood, purpose and strength in the market as well as a reflection of your product, service and personality.

The logo is often a creative design that incorporates the name or initials of the company in combination with the colors that reflect the mood the company wants to project.

Scientific research has been applied to marketing for over a hundred years and has proven many very important factors about colors, moods and emotions.

Colors incorporating greens are often used for gardening or recycling. Blues are often used to reflect companies that are in a field around water such as pool companies, water suppliers, plumbing companies or vacation planners. Pinks are used to attract females, portray support for breast cancer or may be combined with purples and teals which all combined together trigger the brain to understand food, adult beverages and fun.

Hard colors are often chosen by companies that plan to be located along major thoroughfares so their signs will stand out to the drivers at high speeds. Think of McDonalds, What-a-Burger, Shell, Texaco, Walmart, Sam's, Home Depot, Target, Office Depot or Best Buy.

In addition to the color choice, you will notice they use big simple text and fonts to project their names. Font types and font sizes are very important to communicating the purpose of the company. A script font might be effective for a fine dining establishment which is intending to attract a higher clientele or maybe a small company using script to portray a signature.

Fonts and information is often misused by companies trying to differentiate themselves through the eyes of the creator rather than through the eyes of the prospective consumer. Much of the younger, immigrant or lower educated segments of America do not know how to read script and are therefore alienated.

In contrast you might find mundane or non entertainment businesses like C.P.A's, Tax advisers, Governmental agencies, attorney's practices, non-profits or news companies will use black and white instead of color and may be more likely to use some figure in the logo to depict the type of business, product or service they provide. Their business is not projecting anything other than matter of fact, bottom-line services.

Contact us immediately to scientifically construct the best design combination of color(s), font(s) and graphics which will effectively represent your company in your quest for success.